Pantiles Oriental Carpets

31A  The Pantiles, Tunbridge Wells.

Specialists in handmade rugs, carpets and kelims from the Middle East and Central Asia. 


Established in 1980, we have been buying and selling Persian, Turkish, Afghan, Turkoman and Caucasian rugs carpets and kelims from this tiny shop on the Lower Walk of the Pantiles for thirty five years. 

Originally concentrating solely on older pieces, we now mix old and new rugs and kelims, choosing modern pieces for the quality of materials, the weave, design and colour, as we do for old and antique pieces.

Whether old or new, the rugs and carpets we sell are handwoven using traditional techniques and materials. Each of the areas of carpet production have their own designs, their own palette of colours, and their own variations in the weave and the materials used. Different areas and tribes also have different ways of finishing the fringes and side cords of their rugs and carpets and all these things help to identify where the rug was made and the age of the piece. 

We undertake repair and restoration of rugs, carpets, kelims and European tapestries, working for both trade and private clients. The work we do includes repiling moth damage, reweaving holes matching the weave, design and colours to the original, and stopping the ends of fraying rugs to prevent further loss. We also provide a cleaning service.